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Welcome to the first 
Photo Booth Pod Blog!

For our first photo booth pod ‘blog’, I thought I’d tell you why I got into this game and how rewarding it’s been giving event photographers (and amateurs) a chance to make money doing something fun in the event photography scene.

Where the photo booth pod began

I have been a wedding photographer for many a year. It is my life; I love photography, being at events and shooting peoples’ happy days is amazing. I know that might sound cheesy, but it’s true. Plus, I’m lucky enough that it has paid the bills and given me a good work-life balance.

It was at some of the weddings I shot a few years ago that I started to notice the rise of photo booths as a great way to entertain guests. Guests would climb in to a photo booth pod and create a different kind of photography experience – one very personal and different to the pictures I was taking.

This made me look into the possibility of buying a ‘physical’ photo booth to hire out as part of my service, to add a different style, but it was not that straight forward…

Firstly, getting the photo booth to events was going to be a nightmare, let alone carrying it in to position or storing the booth in my house. Plus, it was always in the corner at weddings or in a separate room of some grand venue that only the younger wedding guests seemed to find and enjoy. This is when I had the light bulb moment!

“Why not create a photo booth pod without physical walls?” One that still gives guests the same personal experience but is open for all the attendees to see and laugh along with the fun. The Photopod was born and I haven’t looked back since.

Sharing the photo booth pod experience

The Photopod is a great attribute to my own business. I take the traditional wedding photos, whilst an assistant runs The Photopod. It works really well. Firstly the photo booth ‘pod’ is much lighter than a traditional booth so it’s much more practical, portable and affordable. Plus, in my view, it delivers a far greater experience because it’s open air.

Safe to say, since those early days, I’ve developed the product so it is very sturdy, looks the part, takes amazing photos and anyone can now operate it. It was from this point that I started getting requests to sell the photo booth pod to others in the industry…

The feedback I had from those first few sales was really rewarding. People I’d met at weddings had set up their own businesses and were so happy to finally be their own boss. Then, after talking to a couple of close friends, I decided it was time to open this opportunity up and sell the photo booth pod to people all over the UK – hence this website!

Please have a look around my site and see what you think of The Photopod. It is a great investment for so many people – hopefully your event photography career will be next!

The Photopod is available to purchase through the Packages page on our website.

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