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Buy a photo booth to earn extra money

Buy a photo booth today and start earning.

Are you a photographer looking to buy a photo booth? Or an entrepreneur looking for the ideal business? Our innovative and exciting Photopod is exactly what you are looking for…

With its sleek design and simple set-up, the Photopod is the ideal product for you to make an impact on the photo booth industry in your area. It has been designed by a professional photographer with years of wedding experience, so is packed with features that event guests will love, and are really beneficial to you as the owner.

These are the reasons we love the Photopod:

  • Pictures can be shared instantly via email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Pinterest, Smugmug & FTP
  • The Photopod also takes video and slow motion video
  • Built in green screen removal
  • Lots of filters, the latest trend in pictures; colour, black and white, sepia, vintage, cartoon, sketch, Warhol and more
  • Animated GIF overlays and backgrounds
  • Built in surveys and data collection
  • Customisable screens and templates
  • Video host capability
  • Karaoke and lip sync capable
  • Contest and coupon modes for raffles and give-aways.

And it even fits in the boot of your car!

The Photopod can be operated whether you are a professional, or have no photography skills at all. It only takes 15 minutes to set up, so you won’t have lots of wasted time at the beginning or end of an event. All you need is a friendly and encouraging approach to attract the first punters in. Once word spreads at an event everyone is likely to want a picture, or several!

As the Photopod has been designed by a career photographer, all of the equipment is of the highest quality. There are various packages available depending on what equipment you may have already, so you have many options to buy your photo booth. The complete package comes with a Canon DSLR camera with lens, professional printer, flash and umbrella for the best pictures.  Visit our packages page for more information.

If you have identified a gap in your local market and want to buy a photo booth, this is the ideal product. It gives you a springboard to grow a successful business and we have lots of experience and knowledge to help you with those early stages. Our staff are on hand to help with any of your questions, so take the first step on your new business journey today!

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