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Do you have a specific question related to any of our products?

We have a dedicated team that deal with specific issues involving The Photopod.

For information, help and advice on any hardware or software please contact the relevant department or company using the links below.

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Product Support

We have strict quality control procedures to ensure that all of our products are in perfect order before you receive them.

We also test our products extensively. However, there is a remote possibility that you experience an issue. If this is the case please contact our support team today.

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Software Support

We spent a lot of time researching the various photo booth software solutions available on the market to find the best in terms of quality and usability.

However, we understand that software issues and operation can be daunting and confusing. You will find information and support for the software we supply here.

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Camera Support

The Photopod packages have been put together by professional photographers, that know what a difference good equipment makes.

They have researched and tested the products we supply to ensure they are fit for purpose, durable and easy to use. Get support here.

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Computer Support

Our hardware is some of the best available on the market. We have used the equipment ourselves for a long time and know it is fit-for-purpose.

As with anything electrical, gremlins do appear from time to time. All of the items in our packages are covered by manufacturer warranties. If you require any assistance please contact us here.