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The future of photo 
booth sales UK

Photo booth sales UK image of The Photopod including printerThe future of photo 
booth sales UK

I recently saw some figures suggesting that photo booth sales UK-side of the pond, should be on the up. That’s right, so far in 2016, in the UK alone! There has been an average of 19,869 Google searches per month for the phrase ‘photo booth’… 19,869 per month!

Surely, this means photo booth sales UK-wide are on the increase? Surely? I mean, if ‘photo booth’ has been searched for 100,000 times already this year, there is certainly a market. No one can dispute that. Thousands upon thousands of people are searching their local area of the UK for a photo booth photographer… someone to make their conference or wedding stand out from the crowd, give it a lift and last long in the memory of their guests.

If that’s the case, it’s probably save to assume that photo booth sales, UK-wide, are up. Or if they aren’t – they should be – because there is business to be had hiring out your photo booth service at a profit. And that’s why we produced The Photo Pod and why we think it delivers so well for people looking to make some money running their own small business.


You see, unlike traditional photo booths, The Photopod is open air. This means it’s not only ridiculously easy to carry to venues whilst still producing professional-standard images, but it also draws a crowd.

There is nothing funnier than seeing your mates pose in funny clothes and pull faces for a camera at the end of a great (perhaps, alcohol fuelled!) wedding day – and this is why we are so proud of our product – because it delivers better results, for less cost, for those looking to start a photography business with a difference.

If that sounds like you, why not have a look around our website and see for yourself why The Photopod is the future of UK photo booth sales.

Also check out our stylish photo booth template designs here!

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