mobile photo booth for sale

Mobile photo booth for sale

Mobile photo booth for sale

Are you put off setting up a photo booth business by the thought of a cumbersome four-walled booth that would take hours to set up and take apart? Does the thought of designing the booth seem a huge task and one you don’t want to take on? Step forward our sleek and simple Photopod – the ideal mobile photo booth for sale.

The Photopod has been designed by an experienced and inventive professional photographer and is a one-piece photo booth; the same stand houses the camera, printer, computer and light. Here we tell you our top three reasons why you should only consider the Photopod if you are looking for a mobile photo booth for sale.

Easy to transport

All of our Photopod packages include padded carry bags as standard, enabling you to transport the booth easily. No awkward manoeuvring into event venues! It also fits into the boot of any car. This means you won’t have to purchase or lease a commercial vehicle.

Easy to set up

The Photopod can be set up in 20 minutes, even if you are by yourself. This is a big win when you are giving potential customers a quote, as you don’t have to charge for lots of added set-up and take down time.

Easy on the eye

The Photopod is elegant and sleek; it is the pinnacle of photo booth design. It’s made with the latest welding techniques and bespoke tubing, which makes it both unique and practical. And it has a durable powder coating which means it will look good for a long time. Each Photopod is handmade in the UK and undergoes a thorough inspection before it is dispatched.
The innovative design allows as many people to pack into the photo as possible, with the open-air aspect being a constant crowd-pleaser. With some fun props and an eye-catching background, you are ready to make a huge impact on any event; from weddings to birthday parties, from corporate events to school discos. We’re inundated with positive comments both during an event and post-event from lots of happy customers.

We also offer an excellent support service before, throughout and after the purchase process. We have helped clients with all kinds of queries. This includes setting the kit up, using the interface or collecting data to market your services again and again. Rest assured, we want you to get the most out of your Photopod, so our knowledgeable staff are available over the phone or via email to walk you through your query step-by-step.

If you are looking for a business opportunity that you can do alongside or instead of the 9-5, buying the Photopod is an excellent investment. With a relatively small outlay, you can have an enjoyable career, one of which you are completely in control of. Through customer feedback, we expect you to have recuperated the cost of The Photopod (Pod & Printer package priced at £4195) by your 8th event and that’s probably being generous!

So if you have been considering a mobile photo booth for sale, we think we have made the best portable photo booth available. Visit our packages page now to choose the most suitable option for you.

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