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My photo booth business

My photo booth business.

This week we check in with George Mattock, the founder of Happy Donut, a photo booth business based near Bristol which uses our Photopod. He tells us what it is like owning his own photo booth business, and has some good advice if you are thinking of taking the leap with your own Photopod.

What led you to set up your own photo booth business?

Three years ago my sister got married to a guy she had met while travelling in Australia and once they tied the knot they were going to be flying back out to Australia to live their life. I decided to book them a photo booth so that they could take the memories with them anywhere and have a great lasting moment with friends and family, who they might not see for a long period of time.

I got talking to the guy who owned the booth and that ignited the spark to set up my own. I’ve always been interested in photography and being a graphic designer meant I could really give it the creative edge I feel that owning a photo booth needs. One year after they had got married I had set up HappyDonut and my first booking took place the day after I bought the booth – my godmother was getting married and she wanted to give me my first break.

Did you spend a lot of time looking for a photo booth to buy? What made the Photopod stand out for you?

I knew I wanted a social pod for my photo booth business; having an original passport style booth that takes around 1 hour to set up and then 30-40 minutes to pack down. I wanted to be able to offer an alternative to my customers. Variety is the spice of life, so to be able to give potential customers the choice just made sense to me. I spent a few weeks looking at different styles, looking all over the internet but the only booths that really stuck out to me were ones manufactured and sold in America and the thought of heavy import tax and transportation fees just put me off the idea. One evening I was filtering through Twitter and I came across The PhotoPod Company and knew right away I wanted to start a discussion and see what options were available. I think the reason The PhotoPod Company stood out to me is due to the fact it’s a small business run by someone who sees the gap in the market and has decided to invest in it. I liked the interaction with Craig, his honest and up front approach was what really sold it to me.

How is your business going?

My photo booth business is going really very well, I’m in my third year of running HappyDonut and it surprises me every week, I get bookings mainly through word of mouth. I think if you can sell yourself then you can just about sell anything. I love doing what I do and really think that one day I can go fully self employed and enjoy working completely for myself, but until then I’ll continue to juggle two jobs. Who doesn’t love the pressure and drive of being busy?!

What would you say to anyone thinking of starting their own photo booth business?

I think if I was speaking to anyone about running their own business I would say that you have to have faith in yourself. Always believe that you can make it work and be the best you can be. People don’t see my name on the business, they just see HappyDonut, but they know what they are getting when they book the booth. They are getting the recommendations they heard from friends and family. They get my personality, and staff that simply love what they do. Take the dive and go for it. You don’t know if you never try.
For more information on Happy Donut visit https://www.happydonut.co.uk/ or follow them on Twitter or Instagram. If you are looking at starting your own photo booth business and want to see which options may suit you, please visit our Photopod packages page.

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