Introducing The New NEO Photopod...

The worlds smallest all-in-one photo booth!

neo photopod animation

Unlike our other Photopods (The Photopod & The Selfie Tower), the NEO Photopod houses everything you need to run a Photo Booth all inside the head unit. The head unit is unbelievable small with a foot print of just 44x44x29cm making it the worlds smallest photo booth containing a professional dye sublimation printer. 

The Citizen CZ-01 is small and light dye-sub printer. With a small footprint and a lightweight body, Citizen have created the ideal dye-sub printing machine for photo booth professionals that don’t want to spend hours setting up there photo booths. 

Apart from the Camera and printer, The NEO Photopod arrives fully kitted out and ready to go saving you the time and hassle trying to work out where everything goes. The camera screws into the height adjustable camera shelf and the printer simply drops on top the printer tray and away you go.

This unit is literally a plug & play photo booth! It breaks down into 3 parts, the head unit, main centre pole and base plate. When arriving at a job, connect the base plate to the centre pole, drop the head unit and and secure then turn the head unit on which activates everything inside such as computer, camera, printer, flash etc. This takes approx 2-3 mins to set up and your photo booth is up and running!! 

neo photopod folding front

The NEO Photopod comes with the following:

  • Two point LED modelling illumination

  • NEO Photopod carry/transportation bags

  • 200Ws flash

  • All In One ASUS AIO A4110 computer with 15.6″ touchscreen

  • CANON EOS 2000D camera with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens

  • 8GB memory card

  • Canon fixed power supply

  • Citizen CZ-01 thermal dye sublimation printer

  • Box of media aprox 300 prints 

  • Photo booth Breeze software with interface package and printout templates. With over 500 pre programmed print layouts and 5 types of interface



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