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Why an open air photo booth is the best choice

Open air photo booth ideas to make you money! 

If you’ve read this blog regularly, you’ll have got the gist that an open air photo booth (in my humble opinion of course…) is far superior to a standard, run of the mill, can only squeeze two or three people in, feels like a ton to carry, old-fashioned, poorly lit, out of style-type photo booth (…and finally breathe).

So, today I thought I’d mix it up a bit and go back to basics on how to actually get bang for your buck and use your open air booth to win sales again and again.

Open air photo booth props

So this really is basic. However, the beauty of the open air photo booth is people can observe what is happening. It’s not hidden away, you know what works, time and again. It’s persuading guests young and old to put on the geekiest, wackiest, maddest outfits you can find.

It gets people laughing and draws a crowd. So remember to ask all your friends and family to keep an eye out for unusual fancy dress! Find masks of celebrities currently in the news and props that would look ridiculous with the wrong age group. You are creating smiles, so go wild, and book more events!

Share on social media

The top of the range Photo Pod might come with a marvellous printer – giving your guests instant snaps there and then – but do not underestimate the power of social media for getting your open air photo booth service out into the big bad world.

Guests can upload photos straight onto their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram streams, which means it makes sense to turn those pics into referrals. Get yourself some business cards with your Twitter handle and Facebook details, and then ask your guests to tag you. What have you got to lose? If it helps to get your open air photo booth more hits, go for it!

Brand your photo booth backdrop

Okay, so this is definitely not suitable for the grandest of weddings, but if you’re working corporate events, why not get your contact details written across the backdrop to your photos?

I mean, imagine you land a booking at an end of year hair show. You’ve got 100s of people coming over to have a photo taken with their mind-boggling bonnets on display. Everyone wants a small group photo to remember the day. You only need a plain white background and their hair will do the talking – so get your logo and phone number on the top of your backdrop.

All the people on the day will see it, and if you can get it in the corner of the photos too, who knows who else will be racing to pick up the phone and book your booth.

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