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Photo booth template FAQs

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Can I use the photos of products on your site or blog on my website/marketing materials/catalog?

Unfortunately, you can not use our product photos on your own materials.

Our photo booth template photos contain copyrighted images that are the property of the photographers that created them. Anyone claiming them as their own will be in violation of those copyrights.  For further information please see Copyright Information.

How may I use your digital photo booth template?

Our photo booth template is licensed for one purpose only. Professional photographers to use to enhance their own images and to sell at retail to their own studio’s clients.  There is one exception to this rule. That is the use by the photographer that has purchased the templates for their own personal items.

I have a website/retail store selling cards/canvases/wedding invitations. Can I buy your templates and then turn them into products to sell to my customers?

This use of the templates is not permitted. Each of our products is individually copyrighted. You may not use the designs, in whole or in part, to create products for sale outside the scope of the licensing above.

What do you mean by the word “license” when referring to the terms of use for your templates?

When you buy one of our templates/actions/marketing materials or any other product in the shop, you are not buying the copyright to the product. You are buying the right to use the product in a certain way.

This is commonly called “licensing” a product. The Photopod Company still owns the copyright to the design and all text in our products. We are licensing the use of that copyright to you for a fee.  Because you are not purchasing the copyright to the items you download, you may not use them in any way that is not expressly permitted.  For example, you may not copy, loan, give away, or sell the product to someone else. The copyright remains the property of the creator and can only be copied, loaned, given away, or sold by the owner.

You say I cannot copy the product because that is against the terms of use. I have two computers can I copy the product to both computers?

You may make a copy of a product provided that you personally own all of the computers to which it is copied.  However, it is not permitted, for example, to copy the files to a friend, who is also a professional photographer. That’s because you do not own the computer to which the files are being copied.

I am a graphic designer. May I use your products to create designs for my clients?

Our photo booth template designs are available for photographers only and may not be used in assignments by graphic designers. Additionally, we cannot offer our products to template designers or those who own or work for a company who offers similar products to The Photopod Company.

Why don’t you include the fonts that you use to design the templates? Aren’t those part of the design?

The fonts we use in our template designs are usually standard system fonts you already have on your computer or freeware or shareware fonts available for free online.

We cannot include the fonts in your download because they are protected under copyright.  However, you can download them directly from their creators. We find that if you type in the name of the font into your favorite search engine you will come up with several download sources.

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Photo booth template questions?

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