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The nightmare of finding great
 portable photo booths for sale

One of the things our customers tell us time and again is that finding good quality portable photo booths for sale in the UK was near impossible. That was until The Photopod came along!

This, if I’m honest, is music to my ears. It’s exactly why we created The Photopod concept in the first place and why it works so well for so many purchasers!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like to know all the different reasons event photographers enjoy owning a Photo Pod. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t extra special when it’s the portability that gets the big thumbs up.

You see, for me, as a wedding photographer in a changing industry. I wanted something extra in my repertoire that would secure me business, to stand out from the crowd. Owning a photo booth seemed like a great option. It had to be something that would transport easily though and not take a separate vehicle with my two biggest mates lugging it into place at each venue.

I searched ‘portable photo booths for sale’ again and again. That just revealed images of odd looking static photo booths with wafer thin walls and tent pole constructions. Surely there was a better way? I imagined what wedding guests would make of a nylon monstrosity being assembled in the middle of a grand hall, looking like it was lost on its way to Glastonbury! Not quite in keeping with the smooth, professional photography business I was running.

Open-air portable photo booths for sale

That’s when I decided an open-air portable photo booth would work much better. Recreate the fun aspect of a static photo booth, get the right kit to produce great images, yet be transportable, sturdy and sleek. That’s when The Photopod was born.

So now you can probably understand why good reviews on portability are so important to me: I had the exact same problem and truly believe there are no better portable photo booths for sale on the market than The Photopod.

  • It’s ridiculously easy to transport – it fits in almost any car.
  • outrageously quick to set-up – one person, 15 minutes.
  • It is designed to look magnificent at any type of event or occasion.
  • Can be easily operated by guests – leaving you free to take still photographs or drum up business.
  • It’s open air – so attracts more and more people.
  • Quite simply, it makes great business sense!

In summary, if you are thinking about investing in a photo booth of any kind, you must think about portability. It is vital that you can take your business to more places, get in front of more people and generate more revenue to succeed. Thankfully, The Photopod has worked for me personally and so many other customers we’ve helped and long may that continue.

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