Happy customer reviews for The Photopod Company

Customer reviews – WOW. Just WOW!

The Photopod staff are in this business because we love event photography. Our product was crafted to support other people, like us, that want to make a career from their passion and capture people celebrating together at events.

Great reviews

We pride ourselves on the great reviews we receive from our satisfied customers and hope to support even more people in the future. Who knows, maybe you’ll be next.

Alin Cotfas, The Photopod owner

I purchased a Photopod + and I am extremely excited about the purchase. The product is of exceptional quality and The Photopod Company team was amazing. Thanks for the quality services offered. Indeed The Photopod Company delivers exceptional results at the click of a button.

Kelvin Sillah, The Photopod owner

Since purchasing the photopod, my clients have only had positive things to say about it's sleek design. The Photopod is great idea to anyone considering a photobooth! Craig was also very helpful and patient through the entire process! Thank you for everything!

Joe Wilson, Wedding Photographer, bought

Thanks Craig – The Photopod has been a game-changer for me as a wedding photographer. When quoting for jobs it just gives me that bit extra and has increased my bookings massively. Wedding guests love it and my assistant manages it all no problems, in fact she finds it a doddle to use!

Sarah Evans, Marketing Manager at Corporate Company, hired

The Photopod was the icing on the cake at our summer conference. It was hysterical seeing all the executives I work with throughout the year letting loose after the award ceremony. Steve did a great job of coordinating things, the pictures are hilarious and I think it’s brought our team closer together too. I will be booking the service again next year.

Dave Wright, supplementing income, bought

I was looking at franchise options when I discovered The Photopod. I spoke to Craig on the phone and he explained I didn’t need photography experience to manage it, so I made some enquiries and realised there was a market for this to earn some extra cash at weekends. I linked up with local venues and have been booked several times already. All the kit fits in my car, so I just turn up at parties and oversee proceedings. It’s been a super investment and a nice way to meet new people. Thank you very much.

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