The Photopod MKII new unit

The Photopod MKII

The Photopod Company has seen in a New Year and also the launch of our latest photo booth. 2018, sees the arrival of the Photopod MKII, our latest version of the original design.

We are really excited to bring this updated model to the photo booth industry and are sure it won’t disappoint.

How is the Photopod MKII different? 

There have been two notable alterations to the Photopod design from our original specification. Firstly, the Photopod stand required bolts to secure it to the head unit. These bolts have now been replaced with a simpler screw in style stand, therefore making assembly easier, quicker and effortless.

Secondly, the camera shelf now tilts without the need to enter the head unit. With the turn of a newly added exterior handle, the camera can be adjusted both upwards and downwards. This will inevitably improve usability and saves operational time.

With just these two small adjustments, we believe we have made an already great photo booth, even greater!

It goes without saying, that the Photopod MKII remains innovative, functional, portable and fun.

Why change the Photopod?

At the time of initial Photopod manufacture, we were confident that its unique design was both functional and manageable. With use and by listening to feedback, we recognised that these slight adjustments, would make a difference to users.

Although the initial specification remains flawless, we saw a way in which we could make the Photopod more user friendly. That is why these latest changes have been made, to produce the Photopod MKII.

Photopod MKII Design and Manufacture 

Over the past few months, our team have worked tirelessly; from the Photopod MKII designs, to its manufacture and all in time for a New Year reveal.

All stocks of our previous Photopod are now depleted and manufacture has ceased. Therefore, when you purchase a Photopod, you will now receive our brand new and improved Photopod MKII as standard.

We are hoping for an exciting and prosperous 2018 and wish all of our clients past and present, the same.

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